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The Squatters

Fascinating stories of the indomitable men and women who established the first cattle and sheep properties that became the foundation of a prosperous nation. The Squatters.

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The Story of Australia’s Pastoral Pioneers.

“A very readable history of an important group of Australian pioneers”

It must have been liberating for the new settlers to pack their belongings onto a bullock dray and head beyond the reach of authorities to claim new land for themselves. They constructed windmills and fences, dry-stone walls and storehouses, livestock yards and droving routes, the traces of which can still be seen today..

Barry Stone has scoured through diaries, journals and newspapers, and sorted myth from legend. The Squatters tells the stories of pioneers whose vision and hard work built pastoral empires. Running thousands of head of stock, providing meat for a growing colony and wool for export, a rural juggernaut that would lay the foundations of a prosperous nation.


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