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The Explorers by Tim Flannery Text Classics

Flannery. 400 pages. (2013 reprint). Background stories of more than 60 journeys of exploration within and around Australia.

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More than 60 journeys of exploration

The Explorers by Tim Flannery.

The explorers of Australia tell an epic story of courage and suffering, of dispossession and conquest.

This bestselling anthology, brilliantly edited and introduced by Tim Flannery, documents almost four centuries of exploration and takes us beyond the frontier into a world of danger, compassion, humour, brutality and death.

The Explorers includes the work of Burke and Wills, Giles, Leichhardt, Sturt, Eyre and Mitchell, and a host of other fascinating figures.

Here, in one place, is the most remarkable body of non-fiction writing ever produced in Australia.

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