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The Australian Beekeeping Manual

the Australian Beekeeping Manual includes chapters on equipment, how to obtain bees, where to locate them, colony management, extracting honey and more

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Including over 350 detailed instructional photographs and illustrations

The book is aimed at both the novice and experienced beekeeper in Australia and explains in detail the steps required to manage colonies of bees. Supported by over 350 photographs and drawings, each action to be performed is explained in detail with photographs showing the steps as well as the final result.

Many potential beekeepers are unclear about the equipment they need to buy and how to obtain their first colony of bees. The first chapters in the book explain in detail the equipment needed as well as equipment that may be useful later on as their confidence and experience grows. The chapter ‘Your First Bees’ explains how to obtain bees, where to locate them in the garden, and the basics of colony management.

In addition to chapters on keeping bees, there are detailed chapters on the life cycle of the honey bee, extracting honey, the bee-friendly garden, entering honey in competitions, native bees and rearing queens. The result is a comprehensive beekeeping manual that includes material not available in other Australian, North American or European books and is the ultimate Australian reference source.


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