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Rooftop Forest Activity Maps Index

This shows locations of most of the Contour maps available from Rooftop Maps. Some of these are no longer available and more have been added since this index – PDF was made and more are still to come.

These maps are scattered around Victoria, the High Country and Kosciuszko. They are more detailed maps of various regions at scales of mainly 1:50,000, but some at 1:30,000 & 1:25,000.

Some  of these are also on the reverse of Rooftops Adventure Map Series.

Rooftop Maps Index – PDF

Maps currently on the Rooftop Forest Activity Maps Index – PDF but are being updated and available soon are:

  • Kosciuszko Northern Map & Kosciuszko National Park Map, pictured above. These maps have Notify Me on availability enabled. You do not have to be registered or signed in to activate, just an email.
Rooftop Adventure Maps and Forest Activity Maps.

The ideal map for 4WD, camping, fishing, bushwalking and basically just anything outdoors.

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