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Oodnadatta Track Outback Travellers Track Guide

Oodnadatta Track Outback Travellers Track Guide. Featuring Regional Roads, Public Access Routes, Tourist Information,

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With Regional Roads and Public Access Routes

Oodnadatta Track Outback Travellers Track Guide Covers: Marree, Coward Springs, William Creek, Oodnadatta, Marla, Dalhousie Springs, Cadney Park, LevelPost Bay, Roxby Downs, Painted Desert, Mt. Dare, OldnPeake TS, Halligan Bay, Coober Pedy.

The Oodnadatta Track is a heritage corridor – the pioneering North/South road followed by aborigines, explorers, pastoralists, Afghan cameliers, Overland Railway and Telegraph lines.

It embodies the history of travel throughout outback Australia and offers a unique experience through one of Australia’s most diverse and geographically interesting landscapes.

The rich colour and harshness of terrain, typified by the remoteness of the Australian Outback, encourages the spirited adventurer to discover the real beauty of this region. The track closely follows the paths taken by Stuart and Giles exploring inland Australia during the 1800’s.

The Sectioned Maps will help you find everything of interest along the Track and point out potential road cautions in advance, supported by visual references, for the benefit of your safety.


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