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Ned Kelly The Man Behind The Mask

Violent gunslinger or our greatest hero? Find out who Ned Kelly the man behind the mask, really was in this cartoon version of history.

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Ned Kelly in colour.

Ned Kelly The Man Behind The Mask.

We all think we know the story of Ned Kelly, Australias most famous outlaw, but weve never seen him in full colour like this before.

Edward Ned Kelly was born in 1855 into a poor Irish immigrant family in rural Victoria.

He grew up loyal to his family, angry at the injustice he saw in Australian society and desperate to better his situation by any means.

Often in trouble with the police, he was involved in horse and cattle stealing, bank robbing, kidnapping and ultimately murder.

But he was the only bushranger to write a famous and compelling letter explaining his behaviour.

As every Australian knows, after a legendary shoot-out Ned was captured by police and later hanged at Melbourne Gaol.

Folk hero or criminal, this is the story of Ned Kelly as you’ve never seen it before.

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