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National Trust Book of Scones

Sarah Merker brings you 50 scone recipes from the National Trust.

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50 Different Scone Recipes


National Trust Book of Scones: This book brings you the best of both. Scone obsessive Sarah Merker has gathered 50 scone recipes from experts in baking.

She’s also written a quirky guide to 50 National Trust places to delight and entertain you while you bake or eat those blissful treats.

Eccentric owners, strange treasures, obscure facts – it’s all here.

Whip up a Triple Chocolate scone, savour an Apple & Cinnamon scone or a Cheese, Spring Onion and Bacon scone.

50 of the best scones in history, as well as 50 of the best places to read about. With this big book of scones, your gatherings will always be a success.


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