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Australian Grasses by Nick Romanowski


Romanowski. 183 pages (2011). A gardener’s guide to native grasses, sedges, rushes and grasstrees.

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Native grasses, sedges, rushes and grasstrees

Australian Grasses Nick Romanowski.

Grasses took the gardening world by storm in the 1980s and Australian nurseries imported every exotic species they could find. Yet most , Australian grasses remained virtually unknown, even though they are as spectacularly beautiful as the finest the rest of the world has to offer, while naturally being better adapted to our varied Australian climates.

Nowadays they are increasingly used as low-maintenance lawns and ground covers, colour-rich grasslands and pasturelands, as well as garden features and water-garden plants. Some are even being considered as perennial food crops.

Australian Grasses describes around 200 species of grasses, sedges, rushes, grasstrees and related plants, and is illustrated with photos taken in rainforests, wetlands, mallee scrub, and gardens from arid inland areas to the mountains and the coast.


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