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Australian Geographic Australia’s Coast

Hard cover. 62 pages (2012). Pictorial. Panoramic landscape views of Australia’s coasts

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Australian Geographic

A fantastic Australian souvenir to send overseas of an Aussie gift to give to friends interested in photography. This collection of masterful compositions from the Australian Geographic image gallery capture the vast sweeping and varied landscapes of  Australia’s coasts.

Including its castaway islands, Australia’s perimeter stretches for nearly 60, 000km – enough to lap the equator one and a half laps. Of this tally, 94% of the coast rolls wild and free, barely altered by humankind. Enjoy this pictorial voyage around its shores, bays, harbours and beneath its waves, and discover why Australia is a nation of beach-lovers.

Enjoy this pictorial journey through our vast continent’s rich palette of coastline. Each photograph is accompanied by the name, location, and a short description of the atmosphere where the picture was taken to provide greater insight into the captured moment in time.


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