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Abbeyard 8224-3-2 1:25,000 Scale Vicmap (Old Series)

Victoria Topographic Map 1:25,000 Scale. 4cm to 1km. Old series mostly published circa 1980s.

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Vicmap topographic maps come in three different scales. They all feature contours, watercourses, roads, tracks, land features, built-up areas, etc. 

There are basically two series relating to publishing dates.

OLD series maps were mainly published before the year 2000 including some that date back to the early 1980s and even in some extreme cases, the 1970s.

NEW series are post-2000 with most regularly updated every few years.


Maps by scale:

1:25,000 Scale — 1km on the ground  = 4cm on the map. Highly detailed with topographic features.

1:50,000 Scale — 1km on the ground = 4cm on the map. Also highly detailed with topographic features at a slightly reduced size.

1:100,000 — 1km on the ground = 1 cm on the map. A good broad scale topographic coverage. 

Download the full Vicmap topographic catalogue here:

(Note: (8mb file) for most PCs it is best to save to a file on your computer then open with a PDF reader):




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