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500 Plants

500 Plants.Stewart. Illustrated throughout and filled with handy top lists there is something in this book for every climate and soil type.

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Great Australian Favourites For Your Garden

Out of the thousands of Australian plants worthy of garden space, here are the top 500, as edited and selected by Angus Stewart. These are the tried and tested, the popular cultivars, the ones that won’t turn up theirheels and die on you – and are available commercially.

Over the last few decades, the native plants that had been looked on by generations of Australian gardeners as inferior and drab are now being viewed in a different light. Many gardeners now see the opportunity to introduce a sense of place to their landscape to link it with the indigenous landscape.

Improved cultivars, a better palette of plants to use in garden design, and a new-found pride in the classic shapes, forms and textures of many of the wild species of Banksias, Grevilleas, Gum Trees and Wattles have opened the eyes of many gardeners.

Fully illustrated throughout and filled with handy top 10 purpose-driven lists, 500 Plants collects Angus’s favourites in his journey through the world of Australian plants. Some are relatively new cultivars, others are old favourite wild species; there  s something in this book for every Australian climate and major soil type.


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